Policies for courses at Lidingö Gymnastikskola

We are delighted to welcome your child to gymnastics. The following policies have been developed to ensure you and your child a positive experience with our organization.


1. Registration
Registration can be made online, via mail or phone. A group suggestion will be e-mailed to the informer. When the enrollment is confirmed by the link, which is included in the group suggestion, the sign-up for placement is binding. Due to change Lidingö Gymnastikskola reserves the right to offer other placement than the originally registered, and the time up to 10 minutes.

The informer is liable for payment to Lidingö Gymnastikskola and must provide his or her home address in the registration, regardless of where the child is registered. Relocation during ongoing period must be communicated to Lidingö Gymnastikskola.

Before the autumn class-startup, there is a registration fee of 440 SEK for the classes Motorik Grundträning, Gymnastik grundträning äldre, Gymnastik speed, Gymnastik fortsättning and Gymnastik avancerad. The registration fee shall be paid in connection with (within 48 hours) the confirmation through the confirmation form.

These Terms and Conditions apply to further enrollment for all terms during the academic year.

Lidingö Gymnastikskola do not offer any try outs, all enrollment are for courses.


2. Payment

Payments shall be made to bg 5649-7019 (Lidingö Gymnastikskola). Please submit the child’s name and class code according to the sign-up confirmation notice, sent by e-mail. Balance must be fully paid in advance to the class start-up. The payment due date can be found on the sign-up confirmation notice. Payments after the advised due date will be debited a reminders fee of 60 SEK for the first reminder (sent via mail) and thereafter an additional 60 SEK for the second reminder. Late payments will be subject to interest charge according to current federal interest regulations.

For registration to any ongoing course, payments shall be made at sign-up (within 48 hours).


3. Cancellation
a) Courses including eight sessions, and courses at Futuraskolan

Cancellations must be made no later than two weeks (14 days) prior to class startup. Cancellation notice must be submitted by mail to: info@lidingogymnastikskola.se. If cancellation is within the required time frame there will be no charge. Cancellations up to one week (13-7 days) prior to class start-up will be charged a fee of 440 SEK, cancellations one week or less (6 or less) before class start-up will be charged full payment, no refunds or credits.

b) Courses including sixteen sessions. Motorik grundträning, Gymnastik grundträning äldre, Gymnastik speed, Gymnastik fortsättning and Gymnastik avancerad.

For the above stated classes, the cancellation rules will be clear from the e-mail containing the confirmation of the suggested course.

Sign-up for placement to ongoing courses is binding and in connection to this you also refrain from the right to withdrawal of the course.


4. Illness/injury
Illness in occasional sessions is not compensational. In case of long term illness/injury, a medical attestation, certifying that the course cannot be completed, is required. From the date that the illness/injury is reported to Lidingö Gymnastikskola by e-mail, the corresponding proportion of the course fee (excluding administrative fee) are saved as deposited part payment for the following course. Retained course fee due to illness/ injury is personal. Post-dated medical attestation is not accepted. The medical attestation shall be sent to Lidingö Gymnastikskola no later than one month after reported illness/injury.


5. Refunds
Reimbursements are made only in cases when cancellations have been made according to Lidingö Gymnastikskola’s Terms and Conditions for cancellation. By presenting a medical attestation stating that the class cannot be preceded due to injury or illness, the remaining balance can be used as a valid personal credit for following class sign-ups. The registration fee for Motorik grundträning, Gymnastik grundträning äldre, Gymnastik speed, Gymnastik fortsättning and Gymnastik avancerad is non-refundable.


6. Insurance
Your child is covered through Lidingö Gymnastikskola by Folksams Idrottsförsäkring. This provides basic coverage, but we strongly advise each family to look over their insurance plan.


7. Gear
The classes Gymnastik grundträning, Gymnastik grundträning äldre, Gymnastik speed, Gymnastik fortsättning and Gymnastik avancerad we require the children to wear a leotard or a full body. We have options for both girls and boys in our web shop.

In other classes the children should preferably wear a leotard or a full body. Alternatively tights and tank top. For practical reasons the clothing should not be too big or loose fitted. To enable monitoring that the exercises are preformed correctly, and for safe assistance, it is important that there is a minimum of fabrics and loose ends in motion. No shorts, football t-shirts, etc. For security as well as instructional reasons, long hair should be firmly tied up with rubber hair bands in a ponytail or tied up in another secure hairdo. We recommend to not using barrettes, which tend to slide off the hair and could injure the child.

It is most suitable for the child to be barefoot in gymnastics. If a shoe is favored, we strongly recommend a thin shoe with a rubber or gummed sole (no leather sole!), Juniorsko IWA-405 or Elitsko DMT IWA-503 at Vera Sport: www.verasport.se.

In the course Gymnastik avancerad, we recommend for the floor routine practice a beige half toe shoe, also from Vera Sport: www.verasport.se.


8. Viewers

During 2020/2021 we do not have viewers at the lessons, to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

The courses Pyttegymnastik, Rytmikgymnastik and Mikrogymnastik are done together with a parent. Twins will each need a parent by their side.

Photographing during the sessions is not allowed. There might be an exception during shows, if the main instructor allows it.


9. Other matters of concern
Lidingö Gymnastikskola has the right to change instructors if so necessary. Lidingö Gymnastikskola does not take responsibility for clothing and personal belongings.

Lidingö Gymnastikskola do not offer make up-classes. Time and location for the course is stated in the Summon, which is always sent by e-mail, and it is the responsibility of the informer to note the time stated in the Summon, so that the child gets to the right group.

Please, let us know by e-mail if you child cannot attend the first session. The following sessions, there is no need to rapport absence, but if you know that your child will be absent the following session, kindly let the instructor know this on spot.

Thank you for your cooperation.