ASEP gymnastics

For children at Futura school Gärdet

Our carefully constructed program is specifically designed to improve gymnastics ability and to develop motor skill in a secure, supportive and inspirational way. We go through the basics of beginners gymnastics, floor work, vault and choreography.

Course start week 42. Each class is 45 minutes and the term includes 8 sessions. Course fee 1.870 SEK.

Wednesdays at 14.10-14.55 (grade 3-5)

in Movement Room Spots left

Wednesdays at 15.00-15.45 (beginners grade 0-2)

in Movement Room Spots left

Wednesdays at 15.45-16.30 (intermediate grade 1-2)

in Movement Room Fully booked – waiting list available

Form for new registration. If your child is already in one of our groups, please do not fill in this form, we ask you to e-mail us, and specify the group reference. When the registration has gone through, you will recieve a confirmation to the e-mail address you provided. If you did not recieve that confirmation, something went wrong, and we kindly ask you to contact us by e-mail or phone.
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